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Delia Barone

As an advocate for transformative pedagogical standards and with a strong adult learning background in the higher education field; Delia Barone’s leadership and guidance are the propelling forces that drive her ambition. With over 10 years of experience in higher education and the workforce education field, she believes the core of learning is driven by the ability to teach and problem solve through strong communication techniques and active listening. An advocate for both traditional and online learning, by infusing a hybrid learning approach that encompasses all learners to promoting excellence through adaptive learning/teaching approaches. Driven by the dedication of students and peers to work together, Ms. Barone believes that learning is the key to our society’s future and in achieving this goal and hopes to inspire and influence as many people as possible.

Mission Statement

“A strong advocate for scholar practitioner work and evidence-based practices, I have never met a deadline or goal that I did not achieve. As a marathon runner, I believe practice and perseverance drive one’s ability to achieve and stay motivated to the highest level. And finally with a strong critical thinking approach, humility is the catalyst that ties my successes to my achievements and roots my character in tenacity to form human connection through learning.”


B.A. Communication Studies, M.A. Organizational Communication, M.A. Multicultural Communication, and PSY.D. A.B.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology- Organizational Change and Development

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